Frozen pork hind feet

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A4 copy paper

Our A4 copy paper is suitable for laser printers, inkjet printers, and fax machines. We are Exporters and Suppliers of A4 Copy Paper from Finland. Our company name comes to surfaces prominently among the trusted. We purchase the A4 copy paper from a vendor who manufactures according to the set standard. We have a lot of count paper and we deliver the paper our wholesaler customer within the committed time frame. If you want to a lot of paper you can order online this product, we deliver the product within the commitment time.we have a large distributor, so we deliver any product at the right time. Our online store is stabilized of large scale. If you want to any product which you want, then you can online order on our website. We will deliver your product at a commitment time.

Red Bull energy drink

Foodextradeltd is exporters and Suppliers of Red Bull Energy Drink from England. We have a large distributed network. Which is an easy for us to reach both domestic and international markets within the correct time. We focus on timely delivery and 100% customer satisfaction. Red Bull Energy Drink is contained is glucose, acidulant, caffeine,  glucuranolactone carbon dioxide, taurine, inositol and vitamins which enhance your energy. If you are a wholesaler and want to the red bull drink, then you can order online on our website foodextradeltd, We provide your product within the correct time. You can get our online store many food product products like Heineken beer, Kronenburg 1664 beer, Monster energy drink, Nescafe classi, almond nuts, palm oil, whiskys and more product which you want.


There are many types of whiskies, such as Bourbons, Scotch and Irish etc. You can take the taste different type of whiskies. If you want to about whiskies more information you can visit our website foodextradeltd. We give you an overview the types of whiskys that can be found today on our website. We provide the all over old product online which product can not find anywhere you. If you want to the old whiskies, you can order this item online on our website. There are so many different types of whisky and we describe the distinguishing features regarding origin, ingredients and production. In general, order to understand why  You can get more product online on our website. You can get, the more types whisky on our online store each has its own unique flavours and character.

Frozen chicken paws

Foodextradeltd is involved in supplying and exporting frozen chicken feet from the reliable resource. We provide frozen chicken feet attractive packing at the drugstore or supermarket. Our frozen chicken feet properly cleaned and hygienically processed before the freezing. Frozen chicken feet used in the home, restaurant and hotels. That makes a different type of recipes. We are a wholesaler of frozen chicken paws. Our production facilities are ISO certified and our chicken paws are of Halal. Now these products with 20 percent discount available in the market, only foodextradeltd packing. You can use our frozen chicken feet because it has different facilities such as, without feather, Well cleaned and fresh, without broken bones, Amount of moisture, No black flaw, without bad smells, No excessive blood or blood stains, only fresh and clean.

Heineken beer

Heineken is most famous beer in the world. You certainly are hard pressed to find another beer that spends on the market. At the time Heineken International owned nearly two hundred branches in seventies country in the world. If you want to a Heineken beer you can visit our website foodextradeltd and your order book online. Our company service is very fast. Heineken is organized into regions operation in Western Europe, Central and eastern Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, America.its own too many breweries all over the world to list, while breweries around the world brew Heineken under the license. The famous Heineken beer,  a  green bottle contains five percent alcohol by volume, purified water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. It is available at your nearest supermarket and liquor store.