Get best food items and kitchen application supplies from major exporters

Foodex Trade Ltd is a leading and comprehensive exporter. We are United Kingdom based wholesale supplier offer a wide range of goods. Our company has been in this business for past long years and serving various customers or businesses all across the world. Our company believes in delivering highest quality products of different categories. Additionally, our company is dedicated and committed to deliver all the goods on time and safely as well. In this context, the company has appointed the staff of well trained experts and use latest technologies as well. Our professionals are always available for your assistance and deliver desired products without any hassle.

We carry a wide collection of energy drinks including Monster energy drink and many more. Furthermore, our company can provide a huge collection of food products and other applications because; we are associated one of the best suppliers and distributors. These leading vendors provide one of the best yet branded food or beverages in the industry. Therefore, with us you can also shop coca cola, aptamil infant milk, body building and fitness supplements, boneless skinless whole chicken breast, broiler chicken eggs, chicken drumstick, chicken leg quarter, coriander seeds, corona beer, cow or goat milk, Fanta drinks, Dutch Heineken beer, fresh vegetables, frozen chicken paws, frozen buffalo trimmings, frozen French fries, juice concentrate and much more.

Apart from this, you will be provided with the nescafe 3 in 1 and other beverages. Customers will get the top-notch and fresh food items. Therefore, who are looking for the optimum quality products for their kitchen can shop at Foodex Trade Ltd. Along with food items; we also provide other varieties of products of different categories whether A4 copy paper, aluminium scrap, BIC lighters, body building and fitness items. And, our company provides you a rich collection of amazing yet fresh spices such as cloves, white pepper, red chillis and many more.


Heineken beer

Foodex Trade Ltd organized the Heineken is sorted out into districts operation in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, America. Its possess excessively numerous bottling works everywhere throughout the world to list, while the distilleries around the globe blend Heineken under the permit. On the off chance that you need to a Heineken beer, then you can visit our website foodextradeltd and you can place your order. Heineken is most acclaimed lager on the planet. You unquestionably are unable to discover another lager that spends available. At the time Heineken International claimed almost two hundred branches in the seventies nation on the planet. The well known Heineken lager, a green jug contains five percent liquor by volume, filtered water, malted grain, bounces, and yeast. It is accessible at your closest grocery store and alcohol store.

Gold standard whey protein

Foodex Trade Ltd is one of the world’s leading Beverage products and health product wellness retailers and the largest in the world, supplying its customers with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, health supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products. Since 2006, in the online industry, our name is a familiar sight in almost every major city and town across the UK. We are contiguous with some of the prominent suppliers and distributors in the food and beverage industry. If you want to the product such as the Gold standard whey protein, Nido milk, Bic lighters, palm oil, cashew nuts and more product which you want, then you can search the product online on our website. You can order your product and get the within perfect time.

Frozen chicken paws

Foodextradeltd is a well capitalized international trading company which is located in the United Kingdom. We provide you a complete choice of products include, Heineken beer, Kronenbourg 1664 beer, Nutella chocolate, almond nuts, Frozen pork front lactone, Frozen pork feet,  Pork front feet, Frozen pork hind, Frozen pork feet, Frozen pork front feet, Frozen pork and Frozen chicken paws high quality ready for shipment. As a farmer, his in-depth knowledge of agriculture and experience of the meat trade ensures your inquiry is dealt with professionally. Our products are exported worldwide and import home country, with shipping being expertly handled to ensure you receive your order at commit time and in the first class condition.  All our goods are thoroughly checked before packaging.

Monster energy drink

Foodex Trade Ltd provides the service exports and import all kinds of products to the various buyers. Our main goal is to supply safe products that are qualitatively by means of modern technologies and utilizing skilled. If you want to any product, then you can visit our website foodextradeltd and make your order. We focus on timely delivery and 100% customer satisfaction. You can online purchase any product which you want, our many products are including Monster energy drink, Heineken beer, Agricultural products, aluminium scrap, beans, BIC lighters, Gold standard whey protein, chicken, eggs, black pepper seeds, cow and goat milk, Fanta drinks, frozen French fries and more other products.  If you require some large quantity different brands of liquor; then we are a perfect source for you to shop.

Sunflower oil

Foodex Trade Ltd is the United Kingdom based Exporter and wholesale supplier.  We are linked with some of the prominent suppliers and distributors in the food and beverage industry.  Which provides a wide variety of products as per our customer’s request. We provide, the more type of food product and beverage product our customer’s request. Our main product is sunflower oil, which used to make the many types of food. If you want this product then you can order online on our website. Our refined sunflower oil is Clean, with no smell, Healthy for human consumption and you can use in Cooking and dressing salads. Our company recognized as excellence in the United Kingdom and international market for processing and selling high-quality products.

Copper wire scrap

One of the famous industries in the United Kingdom right now is the scrap metal industry. We sell high-quality copper wire scraps and another scrap. If you have a few pounds short and have something metal like  Electric wire, Cable, Brushes, Special electric spark electrical products, Terminal printing, electrical road board, Wire with a bronze belt, cushion cover, Converge-wire terminals and copper wire scrap Scrap. Metal dealers are also able to take your unwanted scrap and turn it into easy money for you right now. Any scrap that you’d normally just throw away, but don’t do it. You can get some money if you sell the unused metal. If manufacturers need to have more metal to then the prices of scrap will go up. If they do not any need, then they will go down.